Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the matter of free will

The following was seen as a declaration in the form of a Facebook comment written by Xanderz Boureau, a former probability significator - like myself - turned Christian, in response to the question: So you see free will as only making one choice (that of God or not God), and all other choices flow from that one choice. Have I summed it up correctly?

"Yes :) This is predicated upon realizing the truth after devoting close to six years testing a hypothesis; that is, that the direction of attention is the quintessential act of free will. 

To test this, I constructed a mathematical model of the direction of attention through levels of abstraction. I learned meditation within this system, and arrived at a philosophical and methodical device called probability signification.

Eventually, through pushing this line of research to its logical conclusion, I came to the knowledge that I have shared here.

My stance is that the free will can be summed up as being a choice between masters; God, and not God.
On the one hand, the Theory of Evolution describes with scientific precision the sort of behavior that my Enemy would condone: 

  • survival of the fittest; 
  • tit for tat; 
  • seeking no truth, 
  • winning is all; 
  • horde your resources; 
  • take vengeance on your enemies; 
  • have sex with as many different partners as possible; 
  • trust no-one, 
  • fear your neighbors; believe that you are the pinnacle of evolution, entitled to inalienable "rights" . . . etc.
These choices appear to convey upon their choosers an evolutionary advantage. If you Believe in evolution and trust that natural selection knows best, you've probably given your soul over to the World.

On the other hand, my master has given us everything we need to free us from sin. When you choose with all your heart to live your life for God, the Holy Spirit helps you break out of that self-serving cycle of crap described above.

Make no mistake; I believe the Theory of Evolution is scientific fact. I believe it was revealed to us by God's will to help guide the faithful towards righteousness by describing with scientific precision exactly what righteousness is not.

If we find ourselves justifying our sins by asserting them to be "natural," we've chosen sin as our master. Evolution can help us see how not to fall into that error.

What does this have to do with free will? Everything. We are free to make this choice, every second of every day."

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